Our goal is to provide good quality affordable medicine within Southern Africa.

We achieve this goal by globally sourcing the best quality generic medicines which we deliver at minimal cost within the public and private sector in Southern Africa.

At Amandla Pharma, we view good health as a basic human right and, to this end, we have sought to optimize our supply chain to eliminate unnecessary overheads and continue to seek partnerships with generic manufacturers around the world to enable us to deliver good quality medicines at a great cost advantage to our customers and, ultimately, the people who need these medicines the most: the millions of patients throughout Southern Africa.

The long term strategy is to build generic manufacturing facilities within Southern Africa as a means of further reducing the cost of access to good quality generic medicines in the region.

It is envisaged that the partnerships which we have forged, and continue to forge, will go a long way to reduce the innovation gap and the desired goal of bringing best in class medicines to the millions of needy people in Southern Africa and, ultimately, Africa at large.